Sunday, June 12, 2011


Sorry for the delay in the update! It has been a crazy week/weekend. First of all, I am officially a college graduate from Western Washington University! So exciting! After taking time off school to battle depression and an eating disorder, graduating is a major accomplishment and I am extremely proud.

In addition to graduating, I got a new job. I LOVE IT. I am an educator at lululemon athletica! It is an amazing company and my coworkers are just about the greatest people in the world. I decided to work full time at lulu because I knew it would be a positive setting filled with supportive people who genuinely want me to succeed. My fellow educators and managers will be there with me every step of the way during my training to help me accomplish my goal of getting on stage! In fact, there are a few other girls training right now as well! :)

Ready for the other update...the one that majorly impacts my training!? I am switching trainers. I decided to go with a trainer that I feel will be more invested in me. I know she believes I can do it and will do everything she can to help me accomplish my goal. I have been struggling with training lately and couldn't get out of my funk. I was intimidated by my other trainer and simply didn't think that she truly thought I would succeed... so I had this "I might as well quit mentality." Not a very good feeling. Don't get me wrong, my previous trainer definitely has the knowledge and the experience to help other athletes reach their goals, but she is simply not the trainer for me. I am super excited to start training with Jen, my new trainer this week. She is putting together a plan for me and I plan on meeting with her in person one time per week for a butt kicking workout. She has faith in me and in turn, I have more faith in myself.

This is what my trainer posted on facebook right after I asked her if she would train me...

Jen is soooo super excited about the awesome fitness competitor that I just got today to train!!! We are going all the way for the win! I love training these peeps...pure athletes full of dedication, perseverance and hard work!

I haven't been eating well the past few days with all the graduation celebrations and crazy finals schedule...but its back on track tomorrow! Starting with morning cardio...I also have to have that dreaded conversation with my previous trainer telling her that I am no longer working with her. Wish me luck!

My affirmation for today "I am beautiful, strong, and will be successful at competing."


  1. Good luck with the old trainer--I'm sure it will be fine! And your new trainer sounds awesome--she sounds like a keeper!

  2. Congratulations on graduating, the job, the new trainer! Exciting stuff in your future, Girl, go get it!

  3. My question to you is how did you break it to your previous trainer? That’s a difficulty I am coming up with. Well my nutritionist. I think he's a great person and has definitely helped other people achieve their goal but he isnt the right one for me.

    Any tips on that?

  4. I am so excited for you! I hope your new trainer is a perfect fit -- you deserve it!