Thursday, August 11, 2011

100 days...closer than yesterday.

Nicole Wilkins posted this on her facebook earlier today and it truly resonated with me. In fact, it is the PERFECT message for me. Believe in the process and each day I will be a little bit closer.

Today is a rest day...hooray! :) I am sure I will need all the rest I can get to prepare for my 2nd one-on-one with Jen this week. Rest days can be tricky for me to keep a clean diet...but not today, I WILL eat clean all day. I am in this 100%.


  1. Absolutely love the this poster. Great reminder that we are all plugging away at our goals and getting one step closer to it.....100 days to go whoo!

  2. So true!! It's so important to take it one day at a time!