Thursday, August 18, 2011

If the shoe fits...

If the shoe fits, wear it. My shoes came. And now fear has TOTALLY set in. The last few days have not been amazing on eating. Stuff has been crazy at work and I am letting my emotions get the best of me. 13 weeks...can this really happen? Can I really get up on stage and not make a fool of myself? I know I am going to win the ironman and emerald cup next year, but is it possible to cut all the body fat I need to by November 19 and not get discouraged by my placement? Or do I focus on slowing cutting for next season and just dominate all year long in 2012. Definitely a conversation I need to be having with not only myself, but my trainer, and possibly a nutritionist. LOTS to think about. But for now, you probably want to know if the shoes do I. Here it goes....

Didn't try them on until after I wrote this blog...and NO, THEY DON'T! AHHHHH. I have the widest feet in the world. I was counting on these shoes to give me some motivation! I seriously can barely fit 4 toes in them...hello evil step sister trying to fit into Cinderella's shoes. On that note, I am going to bed. Hopefully I wake up on a better side of the bed tomorrow.


  1. Kelsey, like I said, this is a journey that will require patience, hard work and dedication. We are just taking things ONE step at a time and we will see how your body responds. If you don't feel ready to step on that stage in November, no biggie, we just continue the process to get you healthier, stronger and fitter each day until you are ready.

    Remember, there is no magic pill and no magic is 100% hard work, determination, blood, sweat, tears, and low carb days!!! You will get there, don't stress it and don't second guess yourself. No matter what, the end result is a happy, fit gal that is living her dream. Dreams do come just don't always know when!!!

  2. You can do it !! Hang in there, we are "here"for you - and this jen chesnut sounds like a wonderful person to also have in your corner :)

  3. You can do this! Just take it one day at a time!


  4. Oh my goodness you have SO much time! You can totally do it. Stay positive and know you can do so much more than you think you can. Stick with it. Stay strong. You'll have ups and downs and think that you can't do it, but in the end, you can do it, and so much more. Hang in there!!

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  6. Good luck! Are you really doing fitness? I'm so excited when I find another fitness competitor! We are few and far between :)