Wednesday, August 10, 2011

101 days out.

In it 100% now. Woke up and did my HIIT training on the stairmaster...KILLER. 533 calories burned in 30 minutes! Go me! I am surprised I even had the energy for my cardio this morning after my one-on-one with Jen yesterday. The muscle soreness hasn't hit me yet, but I am sure by this afternoon I will be feeling it.

My cooler really is my new best friend. I invested in another set of tupperware...officially the tupperware queen now. My coworkers tease me for bringing in my giant cooler filled with enough food for a small country, but the teasing just makes me feel proud. I truly look the part of a figure competitor walking around wearing my workout gear, carrying my gallon of water, and my cooler full of clean foods. I cannot wait to start seeing results, but I am going to work on being patient and believe in the process (as a few of you suggested in your comments to my last post.)

101 days out...I asked Jen last night if she truly thought I could make the change in 101 days. She said that it is possible as long as my body doesn't fight us. She suggested I start taking CLAs (Conjugathed Linoleic Acid Supplements) to enhance fat burning and increase lean muscle mass. She told me that I will not notice an immediate difference, but that hopefully it would help me in the long run.

So here is my focus...
100% effort in my workouts.
Take my supplements.

Oh, and the major one! BUY HEELS AND START POSING! Yikes. I bought the Tanji Johnson video the Art of you think I can learn it enough by myself or do you think I should consider a posing coach as well!? Also, are there specific requirements for heels? Where do I buy them?


  1. I might of missed it but what organization are you competing with? Depending on that can make a difference in the kinds of shoes you should get. Usually a platform will make your calves look bigger at the angle the judges see it from(most times judges are looking up, you are on stage...the platform is narrower than the shoe). I would go with clear regardless of the organization because it will not draw attention away from your physique. Five inches is usually a safe bet. I got mine on Amazon (they had the best price).

    I enjoy following! :)

  2. Oh...duh, NPC. :D

    NPC....unless you have the calves for it I would stay away from the platforms. Atleast that's what the Florida judges say.

  3. 5 inch clear heels and you can buy them from They often have sales...I think I bought mine for $30 maybe...