Sunday, August 14, 2011

97 step closer.

I am loving my workouts and diet. I have eaten 100% clean all week and feel amazing. The struggle is to believe in the process and focus on the now...if I focus on being my best in each moment I will see the results come show time. Jen's positivity is amazing and her workouts are killer. I did about 19 sets of stairs today with strength circuits in between. 19, no big deal....NOT. Huge deal. Especially when you are bunny hopping, speed skating, single stepping, and doing all sorts of crazy combinations up those stairs. After burning 600 and some calories I came home to make myself a delicious protein smoothie. Well deserved after that workout! I just finished prepping some food for the next few days, but hope to have time to cook more on Tuesday. It is amazing how much cooking I am doing lately...but boy do I love it! Have any good clean recipes for me to try? My challenge is to add more variety in my diet right now, so hook a sister up with all those secret family recipes of yours. Time to hit the showers and cozy up for the night.

Here is something to keep everyone motivated, including myself:
"Mental toughness can take you straight to the top and mental weakness straight to the bottom."
I am choosing to be tough....are you?


  1. 97 days! so exciting! you're making me want ot get back on competition prep.

    I am choosing to take control. I love my workouts...but i have been really "letting go" on the diet. waaayyy too much chocolate.

  2. I did only 10 sets of stairs on the weekend, but I followed up with 10 100 metre sprints. Exhausting! It definitely is hard to add variety to your diet when you're on comp prep... I usually just mix up my vegetables or the spice on my chicken!