Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Initial Stats

The BodPod is quite the experience. Not that I am happy with my results, but I am ready to kick it into gear now that I know my initial stats. I ended up getting tested twice because the first test was not getting accurate results.

Test 1:
Weight 184.8
Fat Weight 64.6
Lean Weight 120.1
Body Fat 35.0%

Test 2:
Weight 184.7
Fat Weight 56.9
Lean Weight 127.8
Body Fat 30.8 %

I definitely like the results of the second test better, but have LOTS of work to do regardless. After my protein shake and apple digest I will head to the gym and do some interval work. Time to step up my game with the cardio. :) Thanks for all the support ladies (you know who you are)... I will need you along the way!

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