Saturday, April 30, 2011

4 Week Slim Down

The diet is the most important part. Of course, that is the part that I struggle with. Notice how I didn't post my food intake today? That is because I was horrible. A handful of popcorn here, some chocolate there... you get the point. If I want to be successful at this I need to clean up my diet...AND QUICK. 5 months is NOT that long...and I am definitely not stepping on stage looking like this. In fact, my trainer will not let me get on stage unless I am ready. Although that is a scary thought to have some one tell you that you are not good enough, I think it is the pressure I need. I want to prove to myself, my trainer, and others that I can challenge my body and transform into a figure competitor. Tomorrow is May 1 and I plan on being close to perfect this month in both the diet and the workout.

So here is the workout.

AM Interval Training
PM Plyometric Training/Calisthenics

AM Interval Training
PM Leg Day

AM Morning Interval
PM Calisthenics
Hot Yoga

AM Interval Training
PM Full Body Training

AM Interval Training
PM Calisthenics/Misc. Lift (lift any body parts I need to hit harder)

AM Hot Yoga
Upper Body

AM Active Rest

I will break down my workouts farther during this week and detail my exercises and sets. Feel free to give me advice if you have any suggestions for me. :)

As for the diet...I am going to stick to the gluten, dairy, and soy free plan I am currently on until I speak with my trainer again. I plan on eating as clean as possible and limiting added fats. However, I will allow myself one cheat on Friday afternoons/evenings. Ok...4 weeks and we will see what progress I have made. Here I go! :)

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