Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunny Sunday

A beautiful day in the Pacific NW? No way! But it was sunny enough for me to get a little pink! I spent the day with my family and watched my brother's bicycle race in Elma. Talk about low body fat...those guys are THIN, but they have tons of muscle to power them up those hills. Maybe one day I can get my body fat down to those percentages!

Ok so as for eating...I did much better, but I definitely was not perfect. It is hard unless you pack food for yourself. My parents do not understand the concept of eating every few hours and eating

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  1. As Jamie Eason says "failing to prepare is preparing to fail." I think it's essential to travel everywhere with your cooler of goodies. Invest in some ice packs and get a cute cooler, and make sure you never go anywhere without it. :) it will help, I promise! Another big thing is making sure all of the people in your life realize how very important this is to you, and how their support is appreciated and needed. It especially gets hard with friends and social events, because your schedule and your diet will really interfere -- but being prepared with your cooler, (even if it means scarfing down some food in your car and then heading into a restaurant with friends) really really helps.

    Once you have that "click" moment and just don't make any exceptions to your diet, it will start getting easier. for me it is a slippery slope. one bite of someone's cookie, or one handful of trailmix, and it's all downhill. Treat every single day as one step closer to the show. "five months" sounds like a long time, but really isn't. You can do this! (it's freaking hard, i know!)