Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Making Progress

Wow, today has been a long day already and it is only 6:30pm! My day started around 5 am when I woke up (before my alarm...craziness). I got to the gym about 6am to start intervals with the hope of busting my intervals out quickly so I could go give my rumbling tummy some nourishment. Plans changed rather quickly when Bekah showed up and suggested doing biceps, triceps, calisthenics, and then finishing up with intervals. Two and half hours later we were finally leaving the gym! GREAT workout.

10 minutes treadmill (5 min warm-up and 5 minutes intervals)
15 minutes bike intervals

Tricep pull downs
Dumbell bicep curls
Single arm tricep extensions
Overhead tricep extensions
Reverse grip modified ring row using smith machine bar
Bicep bar curls

10-10-10s x 5 sets
squats-burpees-mountain climbers (10 each leg)

endurance shoulder raises standing on the bosu ball

plyo push-ups over the bosu ball

3 minutes continuous abs

(I think I need to start writing down my workouts sooner...because I know we did more in calisthenics, but I cannot think of them for the life of me...I just know I was TIRED.)

At this point in the workout our trainer walked by and looked at me, pointed, and said "you're looking smaller already!" Boy, did that feel good. Hard work, lots of sweat, and eating right pays off! This put enough fire under my butt to do 30 more minutes of intervals!!!

10 minute sprint intervals
20 minute bike intervals

Then we finished out with a nice stretch! Add 90 minutes of hot yoga this afternoon, and I would say I have met my workout quota for the day. :)

6:00am 2 catalysts

6 oz ground turkey and onions mixed
2 strawberries
gluten free english muffin
Vit B
Vit D
2 Multimineral

6 oz salmon
green beans

3 oz chicken sausage

protein smoothie
2 calorie crystal light
hemp protein
fish oil
1/2 cup raspberries
splash of almond milk

8:30 (if I am hungry...which I most likely will be!)
4-6oz ground turkey and onion mixed

Now that I filled you in on my day, I am going to go relax. Two more days until I have my trainer standing over me as I step on the scale! Hoping to have lost at least 7 lbs! :) Need my R & R so I can keep hitting it hard at the gym! Have a great night everyone.

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