Sunday, May 8, 2011

Out on the town!

Good morning everyone! Happy Sunday and Mother's Day for all of you who are Moms! :) I am having a great weekend so far. I have been fairly productive with homework, followed my diet (mostly, I will get to this in a second), and had a great upper body workout yesterday.

Incline Bench
Cable fly
Reverse dumbbell fly
Seated row
Single arm dumbbell row
Tricep pull downs
Overhead tricep extensions
Bicep bar curls
Modified bicep drop set (more of a pyramid style...start with a moderate rate do 5 reps, then move up in weight, do 5 reps...continue until you reach max and then repeat the process and decrease the weight again)
Abs (My abs have not been sore in forever and they finally are! Definitely going to keep hitting it hard in this department!)

I need to start recording my food again. That way you all can keep me accountable! :) So make sure to ask what I am eating! However, even though I haven't been recording I have been doing great. Protein at every meal and trying to eat as many veggies as possible! Last night I was in a snacking mood and probably ate 5 rice cakes...but I figure, it could have been WAY worse. And now there are no more rice cakes in my house, so that won't happen least not with rice cakes. :) I also went out on the town last night for my friend's birthday. I drank WAY more water than I did alcohol, but I did order 2 vodka sodas. I only drank my first one and barely sipped on my second. I know I will need to completely cut alcohol out towards the end, so for now I will enjoy a drink out with friends from time to time. Any other drink suggestions that are good for our goals? (Well nothing can really be GOOD for our goals, but not extremely damaging to the diet)

Here is a picture of my dinner, I am so proud of this!
Seared ahi tuna salad...I got the recipe from Fitness Magazine, but I left out the po
megranate seeds (couldn't find them), replaced pine nuts with sesame seeds, and used coconut oil instead of canola oil. Yum!

Today is my rest day. Which is good, because I have LOTS of studying to do. However, I will probably take a walk to get out, stretch my legs, and get some fresh air. I plan on hitting it hard in the gym this week and doing hot yoga 4 times this week. I am already excited to weigh-in next Friday and I know that after another week of tough workouts and clean eating I will be HAPPY with my results! And hopefully my trainer will be too! This is the first weigh-in where she will be standing right beside me as the number pops up...yikes! Well, you know what they say, "Hard work, pays off!" Time to get after it this week.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. My goal is to try and post my food on here everyday as well! That way I can receive feedback from my fellow fitness blogger gals about what changes I can make! :)

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